Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Your Life Story

The Colloseum, Rome, Italy, September 2005, Pentax Optio 555, Exposure 1/320 sec @ f4.3, ISO 64, no flash © Steven Crisp

OK, so I really don't have a picture for this thoughtful quote. But since it's about imagining your life being seen by many thousands of people, I thought the Colloseum might fit -- kinda, sorta, maybe. Plus I like the photo. But even more I like the sentiment shared by a gentle soul who calls himself The Happy Guy. See what you think, and please share your comments.


Ever flip on the biography channel and marvel at the great lives of history?

Every one of us lives a great life. As humans, we have unique super-powers that most creature do not have.

We can control so many aspects of our own lives if we choose to.

We can think great thoughts if we choose to.

We can know God if we choose to.

We can choose to make the world a better place.

We can love deeply every person we choose to.

We can rise above our situations, if we choose to.

Imagine the story of your life on the biography channel. Now think ... what do you choose to do?

David Leonhardt,
The Happy Guy

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transval_blue said...

We have 90% potentials and its really up to us how we are going to discover it. All we have to do is to stop for awhile and keep in touch with our own selves.

Your blog is awesome! Great pics and your words are very inspiring. Keep it up :-)

marj (http://hearts_lavander.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog)