Thursday, January 12, 2006

Black and Blue

Black and Blue, Amherst, NH, December 2005, HP Photosmart R817, Exposure 1/250 sec @ f2.8, ISO 87, no flash, heavily processed with iPhoto and PhotoShop elements © Steven Crisp

Can you tell what this is? Oil spilled on some blue paper? A high contrast image of the Red Sea? A wolf baying at the moon? Actually, it’s our dog Frito licking my fingers, which have been digitally removed (that’s a pun). Interesting what you can do with a photo these days.

If anyone wishes to see the real thing (Frito, that is), just click on over to our Frito-a-Day blog, where there’s a new Frito picture every day. (What, doesn’t your dog have a blog yet?)

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