Thursday, January 29, 2009

Joy on the Hill

Joy on the Hill, Portland, Oregon, April 2007, Nikon D40 with 18-200mm VR lens, Focal length 18mm, Exposure 1/160 sec @ f6.3, ISO 200, exposure bias -2/3 stop, no flash, circular polarizing filter © Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

Step 4. Focus on the Positive
{continuing the series, by Susan Skog}

"Plant yourself in the middle of what you love most--the thing within you that is most alive." -- Yael Lachman

Others may want to waste their precious time focusing on the perceived ugliness in the world. Be the one who focuses on the positive, and watch the magic happen. Our thoughts are powerful. What we pay attention to expands. Attract peace with your thoughts. Notice peaceful people and places, tune out violence.

And remember that more people are at peace than at war all across the earth. This is the story we need to focus on, broadcast, and amplify. The world is evolving and becoming a brighter place.

OK, this is the easy one. Totally within our control. Totally a matter of "attitude".

OK, so maybe it's not quite that simple ;-) But seriously, it is relatively easy to focus on the positive, emphasize those things that are helpful and wise, rather than hurtful and counterproductive.

The first thing I would tell people, if you really want to see the difference here is .... TURN OFF THE TV! Sorry for shouting. But really, do you think that the gang-style killing that just happened over on the east side of Chicago is relevant to 99.99% of the people that heard the story on the national news? If it bleeds, it leads. What a mindless calculation.

And when you are done with that mindless story, you can count on being bombarded by other mindless advertisements trying to sell you things that you don't need. Why bother?

Get outside. Get into nature. Find its rhythm and get in tune with it. Slow down. Look inward. That is where you will find answers and insights. Feel the peacefulness envelope you, as you slowly detox from the angst-filled, conflict-ridden, artificial world that you see in the news and elsewhere.

If you seek the positive in the world -- really seek it -- you will find it everywhere. Why that doesn't make the news says more about our culture, I'm afraid, than about its merit or worth.

Make yourself the decider. The gatekeeper. The watchman. Don't let just anyone play with your mind or your feelings. Eschew manipulation in favor of insight. You know all of this deep inside. Get in touch with that quiet voice, and take control of the messages that you allow to enter. Stand a watchful guard. It's amazing the things that will try to slip past your higher self.


Avantika said...

What a lovely photograph.It almost looks like the leaves are masquerading as flowers.
It inspired me to write this haiku
Flowers wilted
Many-colored leaves
Autumnal rebirth.


Steven Crisp said...

Thanks Avantika, for the comment and the lovely poem.

I would really like to explore haiku some more -- a fascinating form of poetry. Here's a go:

Snow falling from above
My mind imagines pink cherry blossoms
Dancing in the air