Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 41: Black and blue

Black and Blue, Disney World, Orlando, FL,  March 2008,
Nikon D40, 35mm focal length equiv. 46mm, Exposure 1/125 sec @ f4.5, ISO 200, no flash, exposure bias -2/3,
post-processed in iPhoto, © Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

Well, I've pretty much recovered from my running accident in Tel Aviv.  Cuts have healed and bruises are gone.  The human body is truly a thing of wonder.

So let's re-interpret "black and blue" to a different meaning -- in this case, the play of light on the geodesic dome at Disney World.  I just love the "texture" of that dome, and how the light turns all different shades depending on the angle of the reflective surface.

How many surfaces do you expose?  Will you react differently to the same information coming at you, depending perhaps, on your mood?  Or the situation?  Or what you had for breakfast?

Just goes to show, like the light from above, a thing is neither good nor bad, except in how we view it.  That judgment lies entirely within us.  And it is our choice on what color we will see.  If you don't like what you are seeing, try putting a different "face" forward to the world.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet

  • Donation:  Australia Red Cross, for clean water, as being raised by this amazing endurance athelete, running from the North Pole to the South Pole in less than a year (which means the equivalent of two marathons per day, every day -- ouch!)
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