Saturday, June 24, 2006

What is it?

What is it?, Warner, NH, June 2006, HP Photosmart R817, Exposure 1/100 sec @ f3.6, ISO 200, no flash © Steven Crisp

Can you tell what this is? I had driven past this a dozen times, and kept trying to figure it out. Is it a shed with chairs hung over the peak, or is it a structure built just to represent art, or something yet again?

So one early morning as I was driving by, I figured I'd just check it out. Turns out there is no door on the building. Turns out those aren't chairs. Turns out someone built this as art. I find that rather amazing, and quite inspiring. Someone feels strongly about creating and sharing his art with everyone that drives by.

What are you creating? What are you sharing? Why not go out on a limb and put your creative spark on display.


Honeybee said...

Art is a wonderful thing. Everybody gets a different view when they look at it. Of course, knowing there is no door gave me a different view. If we stay inside our home (no door to leave through) we protect ourselves from the chaos and hatred outside (the orange mass of timber) but we can not get out to see the beauty either. Again...nice photo. Love the contrast of the orange, black, silver, and various greens. How beautiful!

Steven Crisp said...

Wonderful interpretation, Honeybee. I need to let my poet out more often. Thanks for pointing out the door (or in my case, perhaps only the window ;-)

Girl Gone Gardening said...

Hi, just found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading it. You are an inspiration :)

Steven Crisp said...


Thanks for the kind thought. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I see from your sites you are big into gardening -- I'm impressed with your mission for converting a city lot into a beautiful garden. I'm sure you will be/are rewarded, everyday.