Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yes you can

Looking down from on high, Flying into Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan, January 2007, HP Photosmart R817, Exposure 1/525 sec @ f4.5, ISO 50, no flash © Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

Can you make a difference in the life of another person? Yes you can.

Can you push yourself beyond the bounds of what others accept as limitations? Yes you can.

Can you stare adversity in the face, and not recoil from it, but choose instead to embrace it and redefine it? Yes you can.

I'm sure you've read the stories about this father-son team. I had heard about them somewhere. Thought it was cool. There is love there beyond one's imagination.

But I hadn't seen this video, though, before today. I was simply moved to tears. I recommend you check it out. Oh yeah, might as well crank up the volume too. Grab some tissues. And plan on watching it again. Oh yeah, and check out some of the other links on that site as well.
"Nobody wanted Rick in a road race. Everybody looked at us, nobody talked to us, nobody wanted to have anything to do with us. But you can’t really blame them - people often are not educated, and they’d never seen anyone like us.
Not really too surprising, I guess. But that's not why I clipped this quote.
... they’d never seen anyone like us ...
I found that wording so very interesting.
Any ONE like US.
Isn't that what we have to understand? Really. Simply, that we truly are all one.

Then, just imagine what the world might be like with a little more love and compassion from each of us. And acceptance. Yes we can.


Honeybee said...

What a wonderful story! I had not heard of it until now and it really moved me. Thank you for sharing and expounding on it in your own words.

Steven Crisp said...

Thanks Honeybee. You really do need to get out more ;-) Just kidding.

I'm glad I get to be the one to intriduce this amazing team to you. I'm still awestruck the following day.

Oh yeah, and it got me back out on the running trails yesterday. In the rain. Now that shows their motivational power ;-)

Anonymous said...

Who could be more fortunate than those few among us who are able to go through life gifted with the ability to love so well, so deeply, so much...? JH

Steven Crisp said...

Yes, JH, I couldn't agree more. And for those that "love so well, so deeply, so much" they enrich both the giver and the receiver. It represents all that one could want from a "win-win" situation. It is so inspirational!

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

This was very beautiful. Helped me to slow down my life and appreciate the simple moments.

Here's an inspirational message:

One thought entering my mind
Complex beyond explanation, I get lost in thought
The endless possibilities
But the unforeseen distractions that seem to come on and on
The negativity of the world, weighing down on me
I feel a burden in something I have yet to comprehend
Losing sight of what matters
Being clouded behind superficialities and competition
Thinking life and death revolve around material things
When life should only revolve around one thing
Complete satisfaction in simplicity
Learning to meditate on reality, and not on the past
Learning to love your self, flaws and all
Stop pretending that you are the center of the universe
But that you are rather one with the universe
Life is simple- you live, you love, you die
Appreciate every moment
Look around you and see the beauty in everything
See the beauty in the average
Breathe the air in your lungs
Feel the sun on your skin
See the beauty of nature around you
Whatever negative thoughts cross your mind, in that moment of appreciation,
Will disappear
Once you can realize that life is but what you make of it
Life will always be good to you
The future will never be known to you, until the moment that it comes
So don’t live for the future,
And don’t regret the past
Every decision has formed you into who you are today
Every flaw has made you unique, and wonderful
Take every breath as a gift
And always be humble, no matter what treasures you hold
You get from life what you give
Society will try to suck you into the norm
Always live for your dreams
Don’t expect your dreams to come without hard work and determination
Dream your dreams
Live your dreams
Chase your dreams
Never let routine, and relationships hold you back from accomplishing what you need to fulfill your life
You are a beautiful, wonderful, special being
Spiritual and loved
Seek out the love you need, not the love you feel you deserve
To live a life without love, is self-destructive
Dare to be vulnerable, in times of loneliness
The only way to truly love yourself, and learn what you love the most
Is to let your self be apart from it, in order to feel the pain of loneliness
And to appreciate what you now take for granted
True friends are life’s greatest gift
They are rare, and priceless
Be good to them as they are to you
Be good to everyone as though they are your best friend
Treat everyone with respect and care
Your every thought has its own energy
You affect everyone you surround yourself with by your thoughts and feeling
Block out the negative and exchange it for positive
You will feel the peace surround you
Be independent
Don’t be afraid to leave what you thought you loved
If you discover it is harmful
Don’t let yourself be drained from someone else’s selfishness
Your every moment is precious
There is too much beauty to see, too much life to live, too much love to give
To let someone take any of that away from you is a waste of a life
Love yourself, and always strive for complete happiness
Because you deserve to be happy
And you deserve to be loved completely
And you deserve to have the things you dream of
Because the things you dream of represent the person you are
So think about your dreams, and who you want to be.
Live for you.

Steven Crisp said...

Hi Anon,

That's quite a poem. Lots of nice reflections in there.

For some reason, this one resonated most with me this morning:

"Be good to everyone as though they are your best friend"

I think that is, in essence, the Golden Rule, but reduced to a practical act that everyone can understand. And you can see how that would change the dynamic in every relationship, every encounter, with friend, or foe, or stranger.

What an empowering way to live.

Thanks so much for the visit, and for sharing your inspirational poem.