Sunday, February 01, 2009

Out of control

Out of Control, Uncanoonuc Mt., Goffstown, NH, August 2007, Nikon D40 with 18-200mm VR lens, Focal length varying, Exposure 1/10 sec @ f25.0, ISO 800, exposure bias -1/3 stop, no flash, circular polarizing filter © Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

Step 7. Practice Self-Responsibility
{continuing the series, by Susan Skog}

"We want to put an end to wars without giving up our violent intentions and violent relationships," -- Arun Gandhi

Wars break out over our evening meals--or in the world--when we try to control someone else. Accept that everyone holds a piece of the truth, Arun Gandhi says. Accept that you're only responsible for your own values, beliefs, and choices.

Control. It is such an interesting concept. We feel we need it for our security. For our sanity. We wish to control the future, to control the world, and to control others. But there is only one that we may control -- and that is ourself.

Indeed, we burden ourselves by trying to control the outcome, either consciously or by want. For if the world does not give us what we want, then we feel stressed.

Try as an experiment, consciously not trying to control the outcome, the future, or another. Instead, revel in the divine dance that is underway, taking into account the infinite interactions of all forces, all actions, to precisely yield this present moment.

Live with an openness, a receptivity, a wonder, and an awe at what is unfolding before your eyes. That is life itself. That is creation.

Instead of trying to control it all, instead try to get "in tune" with it, and float along the river of life, laughing as the bubbles come and the bubbles go, and of course, enjoy the scenery along the way. For it will never be the same again. That is part of the magic and the beauty.


Avantika said...

I loved this post. There have been many times in life when I have lost control only to feel more relaxed even if things have not gone my way.
Reminds me of what Alan Watts once said- “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Steven Crisp said...

Thanks for the comment and the quote, Avantika.

This area is something that I think we westerners, or perhaps we Americans, seem to struggle with a lot.

And when it comes to ourselves, I'm all for exerting some measure of control. Control our egos, control our habits, control our thoughts, and so on.

But when it comes to the world -- that just makes us tense and stressed and generally disagreeable (at least when things go in some other direction).

As I think I posted elsewhere (I love this quote) ...

"For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe." -Anonymous