Saturday, December 11, 2010

What do you believe?

Face in the Wall, South Garden below the Castle, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2010,
Canon PowerShot SD870 IS, Focal length 6.14mm, Exposure 1/50 sec @ f3.2, ISO 80, no flash,
post-processed with iPhoto © Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

I’ve had a feeling for some time. Twenty years, maybe more. But I wouldn’t call it a belief — I mean, maybe I am wrong. Who really knows, ya know?

But I think I just got a push. I mean, c’mon. Either you believe it, or you don’t. And what’s the worst that can happen — you end up changing your mind; revising your beliefs. That’s not the end of the world, right?

OK, so here it is. You know the expression, “You are what you eat”? Well, I’ve really come to believe that recently. My wife and I have taken the plunge. We’re all about fresh produce, avoiding any packaged foods. Thank God for my wife — she is willing to cook from scratch, and oh-my-God it is all so delicious. And healthy. We now buy organic. Cook with lots of fresh herbs and lots of spices. Really. I mean, it’s better to eat at our house (tastier and healthier) than dining out. Trust me.

OK, so what else is like that? What else do we consume on a daily basis? How about the news? How about TV? How about movies? How about video games (well, maybe not us, but our kids)? So here’s the deal: not only are you what you eat, but you are also what you read, what you listen to, what you watch, what you play ... you get the idea.

What food is to our bodies, so too is this external stimuli to our our minds, our psyches, and our souls. They are what we "consume" into our minds. So what are you consuming? Are you reading inspirational, motivational, reflective, wise material? Or are you gorging yourself on all that other garbage that is out there? You know what I’m talking about. It might be the message itself, or all of the advertising that surrounds it. It might be the gossip, the petty thoughts, the cheap shots, the sarcastic comments, the talking behind one’s back.

So how about trying a different approach? Find sources that speak to your heart. Cultivate those, and eschew those that taste bitter or spoiled.

Here’s a story I think you will enjoy. Please take a look and see what you think of this person’s incredible passion and heartfelt emotion. It reinforces my faith in humanity. And I know it is the truth. Or at least that is my belief. What is yours?


Boswell said...

Thanks for sharing that!! What a fantastic time we are living in - people are really coming forward! I too am a great believer in the power of stories to change the world and the way we see each other. It was great to see a Ted speaker so emotionally moved and also to see the fantastic standing ovation she received too! Yes!

Steven Crisp said...

Boswell, thanks for the visit and comment.

Yes, I believe this is the internet at its best.

Mostly to help those of us lucky enough to have electrical power and enough wealth to own a computer, to realize just how good we have it.

And perhaps, to wonder what we can do to help others help themselves. To connect with those from far-away lands and very different cultures. And to gain perspective about the world around us, and the small part we play in the planet's humanity.

Scotty said...

Steve, that kiva website is pretty cool. That is an easy place to make a donation if you happen to be "TBD" for your donation status.

Steven Crisp said...

Thanks Scotty -- you are absolutely right, and yes, I am often flummoxed for my donation.

Appreciate the reminder and the visit.