Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye Am Beautiful

Eye Am Beautiful, Art show in Jaffa, Israel, date, Nikon D600 with FX 28-300mm VR lens,
 34mm, 1/25 sec @ f3.8, ISO 3200, -0.7 EV, no flash © Steven Crisp  [Click on the photo to enlarge]

We were walking around Old Jaffa, and came across this enormous art show in a refurbished building in the Old Jaffa port.  The quantity and variety of art was impressive.

This one really grabbed my eye (sorry ;-)  It was much larger than life-sized, and created by zillions of little applications of color, making it look something like a grainy close-up photo.  Really cool.

And paired with this quote below, I think also quite meaningful:

"When you look and look and look into another person's eyes 
you are looking at the most beautiful jewels in the universe." 
-- Alan Watts

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