Wednesday, January 02, 2019

What makes a house a home?

Family Cookie Jars, Amherst, NH, June 2016, iPhone 5s, back camera, 
29mm, 1/64 sec @ f2.2, ISO 32, 0 EV, with flash © Steven Crisp

So what does make your house into a home?  Is it the size of it?  Its grandeur?  The number of bathrooms?

How abut the amount of stuff with which you can fill it?  I'll have to ask you to trust me on this one, but that's not it ;-)

I've come to realize that less can really be more.  A few special possessions in an otherwise light, open, and airy space.

And what if we really prioritized simplicity and aesthetics over size.

Maybe emphasized minimalism and affordability over life energy expenditures.

Maybe thought about getting down with the Joneses, rather than keeping up!

Well to that end, I commend to you this Top 5 video of my favorite Tiny House blogger:

And even if none of those tiny homes resonate with you, I'd recommend you check out his channel.

He does a great job showing eclectic and novel structures, and there are ideas buried inside each home.

Think about how much benefit can come from thinking small rather than going big.

And think about the financial freedom that would provide.

Enjoy the exploration!  It's a big, bright  ... tiny house ... world out there!

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