Thursday, December 15, 2005

Frozen branches

Frozen Branches, Amherst, NH, February 2002, Sony Cybershot, Exposure 1/160 sec @ f10.0, ISO 100, with flash © Steven Crisp

Imgaine if you will this picture represents the "Now". Frozen in time, like these branches, indeed beyond time, for time does not exist.

Now imagine what came before -- realizing it is no longer real, but just a memory trace. It was cold, hovering just below freezing. Clouds covered the sky, the air was thick with moisture, and then it came -- it could be rain, or snow, but this time was ice -- time frozen ice.

When the dawn came, the clouds had retreated, and sun glistened through the branches beneath a vibrant azure sky. Reflections of beauty everywhere as the ice glistened like a treasure chest of diamonds. Every living thing caught outside in that storm was ice-covered. And now the sun gave it radiance, and gave it warmth, slowly, but surely.

If you slept in that morning, you would have missed it. The trees are alive and they shake their tender limbs, and remove their frozen coats just as the wind had blown away their colorful autumn sweaters.

Life is beautiful, and is captured here, in the Now. Don't oversleep. Don't miss it. It is the only Now you've got. But it is always there for you -- if you would just awaken to it!

But how? How you ask? Look around, it is written everywhere and has all been said before. My own experience is found here.

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