Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 13: The Vanishing Point

The Vanishing Point, Böblingen, Germany, July 2010,
Nikon D5000, 35mm focal length equiv. 27mm, Exposure 1/15 sec @ f10, ISO 200, no flash, exposure bias 1.67,
 varied focal length during photo, post-processed in iPhoto © Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

Does anyone remember those spinning paint chambers when you were kids (maybe at the county fair)?  They'd put in some white card stock, and then you got to squirt colored paint onto the card, and when you were finished, they'd turn on the spinner.  Colored paint would be flung up along the sides of the spinner, and your card would have some sort of unique, radiating, color pattern left on it.

That's what I first think of when I see this photo.

But I also see a vanishing point.  The place where all perspective lines converge into oblivion.  Or maybe it captures an explosion ... perhaps the first explosion -- the big bang.

Or maybe it is what you see when you accelerate past the speed of light.  Or go through a worm hole.

Heck, I dunno.  What do you see?  

Did anyone guess a picture of a tree canopy?  Well that's what it is.   Taken while changing the focal length on my zoom lens, with the colors adjusted in iPhoto.

Oh well.  I just thought it was cool.

  • Donation:  to a panhandler in London.  For some reason I didn't give to the first one that stopped me, and I regretted that (and don't really understand it either).  
  • Exercise:  Even more walking in London (90 mins).

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