Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16: Distorted View

Distorted ViewPrague, Czech Republic, May 2010,
Canon PowerShot SD870 IS, Focal length 17.3mm, Exposure 1/125 sec @ f5.8, ISO 80, no flash,
© Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

Interesting US Army sticker someone put on this mirror.  I wonder what perspective they have of the US military ;-)

And how about your perspectives?  Do your prejudices and cultural biases show through?  I assume they do -- you would be a rare person indeed if that were not the case.

So what can you do about it?  Well, I think the most important this is just to recognize that you have such biases.  

Only after such recognition, might you be able to see past your distortion lens.  

Next simply try not to judge something that may be different from how you think; indeed, welcome such new viewpoints.  

Eventually you may get to the point where you do not project your distorted views onto a given situation, and see things with an open mind and welcoming acceptance to whatever is.

  • Donation:  As suggested by just an "ordinary guy", donated to an animal rescue center.
  • Exercise:  Walking with Carol along the boardwalk in Tel Aviv, Israel (woo-hoo) (60 mins)


Steven Crisp said...

Something happened, and I received this but it did not get posted, so I am inserting it for Boswell:

Boswell has left a new comment on your post "Day 16: Distorted View":

Spare some change? (have you heard the one about the guy who saw a Thai Monk selling hotdogs?.. He went up to him and said "Make me One with Everything"..... the Monk smiled and handed him the hotdog, taking the $10 bill... After a min. the guy said..."The hotdog was only $5 where's my change... The Monk replied "Ahhh Change comes from within")

Here's another suggestion for a donation - this one is somewhat self-serving in that it is for a NGO that I helped to start... it is a society for alternative education within a public system... this means that any child can attend the Montessori program without the large expense of a private school (the sector where this type of education is normally found). The public school board pays for the Montessori teacher and reg. materials like paper etc.. but the specialized equipment/materials that the program uses (hands-on, self correcting, and made from natural materials) must be paid for by the society through fund-raising and donations. Because the program has only run 4 years it is still adding a classroom a year (up to grade 7) thus materials are still required... Anyway you can read more about it here if you are interested (donations can be made from that site too):
I originally home-schooled my daughter but now that I'm a college student she attends a Montessori class at the school that we, the society, (I'm no longer a board member) established. We live in a relatively small city on Vancouver Island and the only option for alternative education prior to the Montessori program was French Immersion, or homeschool - we were the first group on Vancouver Island to establish Montessori in a public school. I think its important to have variety and quality in education. Its quite interesting to see the difference between the behaviour of the Montessori students vs the behaviour of the other students. The kids inevitably learn from each other at recess and other inter-class relations and it is my hope that the Montessori core values of acceptance & tolerance get exercised & shared in the process.

Steven Crisp said...

Boswell (or Boswell's Mom?),

Thanks for the comment and recommendation. If your school had an actual on-line donation form, I'd have taken your up on your offer today.

Now I need to keep looking, and will put your suggestion in an inbox for when I tackle off-line contributions.

Good on you for making an alternative school a success. Kids need the options.

Boswell said...

Thanks for considering it! And as always for your thoughful responses.
(We used to have pay-pal donations from the site, I see now that we don't, I'm going to have to ask what happened to it! Glad you pointed that out to me! The site underwent some construction this past summer and I guess they did away with it for some reason - since I'm not on the board I'm not up to snuff on everything anymore.)