Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 17: Mediterranean Sunset

Mediterranean Sunset, USS Ramage, somewhere in the Mediterranean, April 2010,
Nikon D5000, 35mm focal length equiv. 33mm, exposure 1/320 sec @ f9, ISO 200, no flash, exposure bias -0.33,
 © Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

One can see a beautiful sunset, such as this one above, and be mesmerized by it ... lost in the moment, the eternity, the instant.

Just seeing the image of it once again, I am transported back to that day.  Chiseled into my otherwise fragile memory banks, I sense the smell of the sea, the sounds of powerful diesel engines, the low vibration from the deck steel.

And I reflect ... what of it, this beautiful life?

You are cloud, sea, forgetting; 
you are also what you lost in a moment-- 
we are all those who have left. 

The reflection of our face in the mirror 
changes each instant 
and every day has its own labyrinth. 

The cloud vanishing in the sunset 
is our image; endlessly, 
a rose becomes another rose. 

-- Jorge Luis Borges 

  • Donation:  Boy Scouts of America -- Daniel Webster Council (why I spent my scouting days)
  • Exercise:  Ran along Tel Aviv boardwalk (4.25 miles, 40 mins), with some work colleagues, and added some strides at the end based on a recommendation from a running buddy.


The Rational Runner said...

whoa your pics are getting better. you pump this? amazing.

Steven Crisp said...

Thanks Dan,

I don't know about "pump"ing this, but yes, this is one of the shots I took while aboard the Aegis ship.

Glad you liked it. Me too.