Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 24: Shore up your defenses

The TowerHohenzollern Castle, Mount Hohenzollern, above Hechingen, Germany, December 2008,
Nikon D40, 35mm focal length equiv. 63mm, Exposure 1/250 sec @ f8, ISO 200, no flash, exposure bias -2/3
© Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

So how are your defenses?  I thought mine were pretty strong -- eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and generally taking pretty good care of myself.  Well, that all came crashing down on my last business trip.  I don't know for sure what I have, but it seems to me like severe bronchitis -- we'll let the doc sort it out later today.

And then as for my running, it has been getting stronger, and a little bit easier.  Still no where back to where I was during marathon season, but I guess that's what training programs are for.  Until I got tripped up on a loop of metal (road detritus) and went crashing to the ground ... nose first.  Ouch!

I was pretty amazed a driver stopped immediately right in the busy road, and got out his first aid kit and tried to help put humpty dumpty back together again.  And within a minute, a police officer stopped as well, and was going to make arrangements for an ambulance.  But it wasn't *that* serious, so I thanked them both profusely, and hobbled back to the hotel to clean up and raid *their* first aid kit.

Not a good combination -- gouged up nose with bandages that just about cover the nostrils and some kind of cold/bronchitis (think sneezing, running nose, with a wicked cough).  My defenses have been trashed.  I am (and look) officially pathetic.  

I hope your defenses are in better shape.   Something to keep in mind as you make your dietary and exercise selections each day.  And maybe not hanging out with sick people ;-)

But this too shall pass and at some point, things will be back to normal humming on all cylinders.  Lord only knows when ;-)

  • Donation:  KIVA loan to Félicité Kabassele
  • Exercise:  Walk with Frito (could have been a scene from night of the living dead, in my trench coat, hacking away) (30 mins)

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