Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 32: Buried Treasure

Buried treasure, Rogue River, Oregon, May 2008,
Nikon D40, 35mm focal length equiv. 36mm, Exposure 1/60 sec @ f4, ISO 200, no flash, exposure bias -2/3
© Steven Crisp [Click on the photo to enlarge]

What?  Doesn't look like buried treasure to you?  A big disappointment for the prospector with his metal detector?  Me thinks not.

Some might call it junk; others river detritus.  But me, I see nothing but treasure.  Look at those textures and those colors.  The contrasting shapes and surfaces.  The complimentary aspect of man-made and natural objects.

You know what they say, "one man's junk is another man's treasure."  I couldn't agree more, and not just in the material sense.  But also in the creative sense.  

What have you uncovered that qualifies for your "treasure"?  If you open your eyes -- really, open them literally and figuratively -- you will be surprised just how much treasure you can dig up.

"Look within.  Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig." -- Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180)

  • Donation:  for the delivery person, who is always there before I get up, in the cold, dark, rainy/snowy mornings with my newspaper ... thanks!
  • Exercise:  Walking to, from, and along the beach in Den Haag (not so inviting with a cold, foggy, rain) (90 mins)


Anonymous said...

Nice that you left something for your news-carrier! Did you speak with the person or get to see the look on his or her face? I'll bet you made his/her week! Even I'm getting a wash of that exhilarating feeling one gets after giving just from reading this! Cool!

Steven Crisp said...

Hi Anon,

Alas no, he was too quick for me again yesterday morning, and I was heading out for a business trip. So I left it for him to find this morning.

But you are right, the personal touch would be much preferred. That too is something I need to work on.

Thanks for the visit.